Analytical Balance A/AG/B/BG

Category: Balance

Description: AG series (High Performance Balance) family includes Analytical Balances that reach the highest measuring performance. They are equipped with a highly integrated weighing cell whose benefits are high stability against temperature changes and time, quick response thanks to reduced mass and overall reduction of total number of components. AG balances have -as standard- automatic internal calibration that allows always precise measurements, practically independent from enviroment temperature changes. Analytical Balances of AG series come with capacities (Max) 410g, 510g and 610g. All models are equipped with backlit large graphic display, a glass draft windshield that protects a large volume inner measuring chamber and RS232 output interface. A Top Quality series of Analytical Balances that combine elegance with highly reliable measuring performance. Double case structure, ergonomic keypad. BG balances have an extensive recipe database and many embedded advanced features make them perfect for use in laboratory, research departments, formulation and quality control applications.ations.

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