Fistreem International Limited was formed in October 2004 when Fistreem purchased one part of the Business of Sanyo Gallenkamp Plc and its related manufacturing businesses of Water Purification. Although young in organisational terms, the company is founded on an immense amount of experience, it's management team having many years of Fistreem product experience prior to divesting from Sanyo Gallenkamp. It's principle activity is in the manufacture of Water Purification Products of which the Cyclon Water Still is recognised as a world leading brand. Other water purification products include Calypso brand Water Stills, AquaRec UV Water Re-circulation System and a range of Deionisers and Filters under the Fistreem Puri-Fi brand.


Single Distilled , Double Distilled , Loughborough Water Still
Purification Cartridges , Resin Deionisers , UV Recirculation System
Vacuum Oven:
Digital Vacuum Oven , Manual Vacuum Oven
Reverse Osmosis:

Distiller Operation

Distiller Cleaning