Independent inspections and routine internal audits guarantee the effectiveness of VITLAB’s quality management system throughout the entire company, from development to shipment. As a result, the phrase ‘Made by VITLAB’ has become synonymous with quality. Over 98% of our product line is made in Germany. Supplemental procedures such as tempering and volume testing are conducted in our own facilities, which guarantees the highest possible product quality and measurement accuracy. The continuous improvement paradigm supports the goal of 0% failure. The products made by VITLAB® are designed for general laboratory applications and comply with the relevant standards. Compatibility of the products for a specific application (e.g. trace material analysis, …) must be checked by the user. Approvals for specific applications in the medicinal and pharmaceutical processing areas are not available.


Volume measurement:
Burettes , Dispensers , Erlenmeyer flasks , Griffin beakers , Graduated beakers , Graduated cylinders , Micropipettes, pipette tips , Pipettes , Pipette controllers , Volumetric flasks
Saving and storing:
Buckets , Racks , Containers , Bottles , Sample containers , Sample tubes , Bowls , Drawer organisers , Wash-bottles , Dropping-bottles , Watch glasses, Trays, Spray bottles
Bottling and decanting:
Chemical waste disposal system, Forceps, Scoops, Spatulas, Funnels, Connectors, valves and taps
Preparation, separation, and concentration:
Desiccators, Staining cuvettes, Gas wash bottles, Mortars, Pestles and Stirring rod, Round-bottom flasks, Sedimentation cones, Magnetic stirring bars, Filtration funnels, Water-jet pumps