TOMY Digital Biology Co.

Since its foundation in 1958, TOMY has dedicated itself to providing high quality instruments and superior services to customers across various industry segments, including biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science and food development. Firmly believe that products, designed and manufactured with unique advanced technology, can meet customer expectations and help enhance not only in life and society but also the entire globe. Aiming to become a truly excellent company, that will continue the efforts toward the goal. It keep with the tradition of always being, and are very proud to be, a pioneer in biotechnology. It have developed and applied to practical use many of the functions and capabilities that are currently standardized in bio-instruments.


High speed refrigerated centrifuge , Hybrid refrigerated centrifuge , Low speed refrigerated centrifuge , Low speed refrigerated and Dual-temp centrifuge , Low speed bench-top centrifuge , Mini personal centrifuge , High speed refrigerated micro centrifuge
Speedy Autoclaves , Autoclaves , Autoclave with Drier , Retort Food Autoclave
Plant Growth Chamber:
Other Products:
Ultrasonic Disrupter , Microtube Mixer , Beads Cell Disrupter , Micro Homogenizing System


Autoclave Case Study

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