Optikam WiFi

Category: Microscope (digital)

Description: OPTIKAM WiFi offers the Easiest way to show the camera live view on your Smartphone or on any other O.S. having a wifi connection. The on-board software allows any user to show the camera live view by simply running the browser and introducing the WiFi camera address. This innovative system provides live video images in various resolutions and the the ability to record photos and videos directly on your Smathphone or Tablet. Not any Software or App is needed as the software is On-board the WiFi camera, this generally called Browser connection avoids you to have any Wifi Ruoter. Despite of the On-board software some Apps are also available. Last but not least more than 20 Users are simultaneously allowed to be connected so they can frendly use the WiFi camera on their own IOS, Windows, BlackBerry or Android systems. OPTIKAM WiFi is the best solution for various applications above all in the education field.

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