Floor Standing Magnus

Category: Centrifuge

Description: High capacity on a underfloor centrifuge which offer to their users several advantages, up to now only available on devices dedicated to research. The TFT touch screen simplify the parameter selection; main values appear only in one screen as time, RPM, RCF, acceleration and braking. The operator menu allows other values adjustment as open lid once the rotor stops, locking RPM/RCF along the run, selection of time from 0 or at set RPM/RCF Along centrifugation it showed on screen a graphic indicating its status as well as the stage of centrifugation, time to end of process, with graphi and values easily seeable from long distances, increasing the operator autonomy. The Magnus 21 can spin up to 4 x 750 ml, 4 blood bags, 72 tubes of 15 ml, 20 tubes of 50 ml conical and 52 tubes of 15 ml conical, rotor for microplates, microtubes, as well as a wide set of adapters for each one. - Precooling program with rotor spinning and temperature selectable by operator. - 4°C at least at max speed with any rotor. - Range of temperature -20°C (-4 °F) to 40°C (104 °F) - Scale Celsius or Fahrenheit. - Temperature sensor inside the chamber. - Gas R 404A HFC.

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