High Capacity Digtor

Category: Centrifuge

Description: The series Digtor 21R is formed for devices highly functional, so that allow be present on routine labs, research, biotechnology, quality control … The Digtor 21 R centrifuge is defined by several attributes as: - Innovation: its provided of TFT touch screen allowing higher automony to the operator as well as control the separation stages,and save energy system selectable. - Versatility: from 4 x 750 ml, 52 conical tubes of 15 ml, rotor for microplates, microtubes, and a wide range of adapter for each one. - Safety: It shows the real value of RCF based on accessories configuration, without introduce any parameter, as well as is provided of biocontainment accesories. - Efficiency: Max RCF 20.804 xg, acceleration and deceleration time selectables, depending of sample features, dynamic cooling system which reduces the time to reach the selected temperature. Your best help in your lab. - Precooling program with rotor spinning and temperature selectable by operator. - 4°C at least at max speed with any rotor. - Range of temperature -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F) - Scale Celsius or Fahrenheit. - Temperature sensor inside the chamber. - Gas R 404A HFC.

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