Universal Unicen/Digicen

Category: Centrifuge

Description: Universal, compact, versatile and quiet, are concepts which define the Unicen 21. Essential on demanding labs which need a reliable result on a short time, without scarifying the number of samples. Max capacity 4 tubes of 100 ml, reach up to 4.200 RPM/ 2.899 xg, with 9 interchangeable rotors and up to 40 set of different adapters, covering the basical requirement on separation of clinics, industries, research centers, … Speed and time are shown on digital displays easily readable, and lid can be open automatically at the end of the run, allowing to the operator a higher autonomy on routine process. It’s provided of safety systems essentials for a safety processing, with brushless engine maintenance free, unbalance switch off, chamber in stainless steel, lid lock motorized… Ideal for run a reduced number of samples, it’s undoubtedly the most appropriated choice for emergency labs, due to its reduce the time on sample preparation. Simplifying separation. The centrifuge Digicen 21 highlights for its versatility among the universal centrifuges and it’s provided of: - Swing out rotors for max 4 x 100 ml for tubes , microplates as well as microtubes. - Angle fixed low speed up to 24 tubes of 15ml. - Angle fixed high speed for microtubes up to 50 ml conical. It´s controlled through LCD screen showing centrifugation values as time, RPM/RCF, as well as braking time, graphic for open lid, progress bar , messages and acoustic signals for error or end of program , which provides the user the process monitoring. Thinking on centrifugation.

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