Microcentrifuge Biocen

Category: Centrifuge

Description: The Biocen 22 is designed to prevent contamination by interaction with the centrifuge and temperature increasing by: - Chamber stainless steel centrifuge easily sterilized. - Rotors with tight lids. - Ventilation system that helps reduce the temperature. Designed for small volume, allows 24 microtubes of 2,2 ml, 32 of 0,2 ml, 24 tubes of 1,5 x 75 mm and 12 tubes of 5 ml conical, reaching 15.000 RPM / 21.885 xg. Reduce spin time by controlling the different stages, allowing braking according to the type of sample. Optimizing the samples separation on a safe environment. - Precooling program with rotor spinning and temperature selectable by operator. - 4°C at Max speed as higher. - Temperature range from -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F). - Temperature sensor inside the chamber, gas R 404A HFC.

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